PHP Training in Jaipur

A brief summary of Training/Program

This training provides the necessary knowledge to design & develop dynamic, data-driven & interactive web pages using PHP . It introduces students to PHP framework and syntax, most important techniques used to build dynamic web sites and perform hands on practice with a MySQL database to create database-driven HTML forms. It is interspersed with step-by-step exercises illustrating the concepts as they are explained. Also during the training you'll learn why it's important to consider an MVC structure, and how to build projects in Codeigniter.

What you will learn

Learn frontend & scripting languages including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySql and JQuery.Build powerful, complex web applications.

  • Certified & expert teachers
  • Extensive doumentation provided
  • Project Based learning
  • Became an exeprt in only 60 days

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We're in great ideas

The course aims to teach a set of basic, intermediate & advanced skills for implementing practical, industrial-strength PHP-based enterprise Web applications. Our best PHP training course encourages the participant to explore MySQL database fundamentals, as well as MySQL features.

JustAddWater is a small web design & development agency based in Jaipur, India. Over the last couple of years we've made a reputation for building web designs & web applications that look great and are easy-to-use. JustAddWater is a creative agency that cares about their customers & ultimately cares about the results they wanted.

During your training period you will build real websites and web applications with a mentor. We believe in projects, not textbooks. We believe in portfolios, not certificates. We believe in craftsmanship and quality.

Why we are different from other PHP training institutes in Jaipur?

There are several training centers in Jaipur,but what makes Justaddwater different from others is its highly dedicated,experienced & profesional team of developers.Our PHP training program will provide you in-depth knowledge & offers you full learning and understaing of the topics in a highly interactive manner.Our priority is your professional development. We are best PHP Training provider with 6 week summer training services in Jaipur by best quality services in this training program.

Benefits of PHP Training at Justaddwater in Jaipur

  • We deliberately keep our class sizes small (maximum of 4 students).
  • Our Trainers are not teachers they are professional developers.
  • Practical oriented training.
  • Training Certificate & Experience letter.
  • No fee for Interview preparation.


HTML - The Static Web Page Creation

  • Your First Web Page.
  • Finding a Proper Code Editor.
  • Lists,Tables,link,metadata.
  • Parent-child Relationships.
  • Heading Tags.
  • Blockquotes.
  • Anchors.

CSS - The Presentation Semantics

  • Your First Stylesheet.
  • Clean Project Structures.
  • Images
  • The Necessity of Divs.
  • Ids & Classes.
  • An Assignment.
  • Floats and a simple Layout.

JavaScript - The Interpreted Programming Language

  • Interpreted Programming Languages.
  • Integrating JavaScript with HTML.
  • Variables in Javascript.
  • Operators in Javascript.
  • Expressions in Javascript.
  • Arrays in Javascript.
  • Handling Loops & Decision structures.
  • Executing Conditional statements.

Jquery - Write Less Do More...

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Traversing the DOM.
  • Working with the DOM.
  • Event Manipulation Methods .
  • Sliding, Easing, Fading, Toggling.
  • jQuery & AJAX calls

PHP -Learn to program in PHP

  • Understanding the Preliminaries.
  • The Core Logics & Techniques.
  • File Handling. The Plain Repository of Data
  • PHP + MySQL.
  • Learn More Advanced Techniques in PHP.
  • Working with XML & JSON.

Working with XML & JSON

  • Introduction to XML.
  • How to Integrate PHP & XML .
  • Introduction to JSON
  • Building a Sample Web Application

Content Management Systems

  • Knowing Content Management System.
  • Introducing a CMS.
  • Knowing how to configure the CMS
  • Working with the CMS.
  • Sample Web Application Development using Wordpress.
MVC Frameworks

CodeIgniter Framework

  • Introduction to PHP Frameworks.
  • Working with CodeIgniter Framework.
  • MVC architecture in CodeIgniter.
Twitter Bootstrap


  • Bootstrap Overview and Installation.
  • The Grid System.
  • Layouts and Responsive Design.

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