LMS Development, Customization and Support

Introduction to LMS

The Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most under-reported aspects of any blended learning or eLearning environment. LMS is an online education center that offers a comprehensive range of capabilities to support educational activities such as classroom learning, distant learning, and continuing education. This comprehensive online program is used to design, deliver, track, and report educational courses and outcomes.

JustAddWater, provides development services for available LMSs. For both educators and learners, our service is utilized to create tailored learning environments. It is intended to provide learners, administrators, and instructors with a single integrated, secure, and resilient system. The platform does not require an uploader, and users can just drag and drop anything they desire on their website.

What is Development, Customization, and Support (LMS)?

Custom LMS software is designed to address unique eLearning demands, such as developing interactive eLearning material with custom course building tools, native connections with HRIS, CRM, and other business systems, custom reports and dashboards, and gamification elements, and more. The cost of developing a custom LMS is determined by the features and IT services required.

Every company aspires to work distinctively and successfully that is relevant to its clients. The LMS allows you to personalize and adapt it to meet your organization's particular needs. Configuring multiple roles and privileges, integrating the appropriate plugins, making modifications to the logic, and developing new custom plugins and blocks are all examples of customization.

Custom LMS vs Proprietary LMS

Purchasing an LMS for your company is not a decision that can be made in a single day. ROI (return on investment), adaptability to the demands of the company, usability, and efficacy of the system, and total cost of ownership are all important factors to consider when making LMS investment decisions. Open-Source software is free, while proprietary LMS may not be free. Analyzing the worldwide market for open-source LMS software, on the other hand. They are observed to be readily available. On a functional level, we're not delving into the intricacies.

Category Open Source LMS Proprietary LMS
Price Free / Small cost for licensing. Annual licensing fee per user enrolment.
Development Plugins are freely available in the market. Vendors may want additional cash to begin development according to your specifications.
Hardware Specialized server maintenance personnel assigned for routine check-ups. Hosted on own server or vendor server.
Technical Support To eliminate any inconsistency, administrative assistance is offered. Tech support is optional. Availing of a tech-support will level up the cost too.
Scalability LMS hosted for 50 users can be scaled up to 50K or more without losing the quality. More user enrolment increases the cost of new user registration and maintenance.
Security Data security and disaster recovery are possible with Open-Source LMS. Usually, vendors guarantee the security and stability of LMS. The occurrence of in-house data leakage will cost organizations.

Benefits Of Adopting Learning Management System

1. Centralized & Streamlined Learning & Training

LMS allows for organization-specific training. Companies may customize the platform's functionality to fit their needs and add their corporate image and brand to it. Personalization is encouraged via several portals and user IDs, which may be generated without the need for extra installs. A platform can be bilingual or monolingual, and it can work with online access at the same time. Courses, multimedia content, archives, calendars, and other resources are all available with a single mouse click, at any time and from any location. The information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides a seamless learning environment.

2. Reduced Cost & Training Time

Typically, businesses invest a significant amount of money in employee training and development. A central LMS keeps track of the company's investment in staff training and development in a database. There will also be no need for printed materials, travel accommodations, or on-site facilitators. Furthermore, training administration will be more straightforward.

3. Performance Evaluation

An LMS generates a virtual learning environment that all participants may access. Users may arrange modules in a certain order, establish time limitations, exchange training materials, and guarantee that all employees at all corporate locations receive the same training. This also serves as a handy ‘performance report’ to senior management users to evaluate their employees based on their performance and skills, for upcoming projects or promotions and this can play a great role in succession & performance management.

4. Compliance Tracking

Compliance training necessitates a lot of "tick-all-the-boxes"; old decentralized methods of training delivery are time-consuming, arduous, mistake-prone, and administration-intensive. By automating the scheduling, booking, delivery, tracking, and reporting of mandated training, an LMS removes unneeded complexity and the requirement for checkboxes.

5. Interactive and Social Learning Experience

The days of sitting in a conference room for hours on end listening to a lecturer are long gone. Video conferencing, podcasts, video lessons, threaded conversations, interactive learning, and HTML courses are just a few of the capabilities available in today's learning management systems. For interactive learning, a wide range of media is accessible to meet a variety of learning goals and preferences. The LMS is tailored to the needs of each student, ensuring a positive learning experience.

6. Reports, Insights and Analytics

An LMS provides great reporting features, allowing administrators to effortlessly follow the development of each employee. It's easy to keep track of how quickly employees go through courses, areas where they're having difficulty, and certifications that are about to expire. Even better, a decent LMS would store all of these reports in one database that is easily accessible. One of the most advantageous elements of these systems' adoption is their tracking and reporting capabilities.

7. Gamification (“Edutainment”)

Gamification enhances the learning experience for learners through a practical, pragmatic, and totally hands-on approach to learning, it helps to transform beliefs and thinking processes, while also developing abilities. It not only makes studying enjoyable and interactive but also fosters a learning addiction. It expands the range of possibilities for learning by including gaming features. Some fundamental elements are Points, Levels, Badges, Leaderboards, Rewards, and Progress bars. When we use our imaginations appropriately, they can lead us on countless journeys of discovery, and the possibilities for implementing gamified components into your corporate learning programs are limitless. Gamification boosts your organization's performance by increasing learners' engagement, awareness, and productivity. Finally, we can confidently assert that playing is beneficial to business.

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Development Services at JustAddWater

1. Consulting and implementation

LMS consulting services are designed to assist you to assure the effective deployment of a new learning management system or the upgrading of an existing one to improve successfully learning experience and engagement, boost user adoption, and lower learning expenses. Since 2013, JustAddWater has been assisting consumers in achieving these LMS goals. We provide LMS consulting to help you streamline your LMS deployment and improve your ROI and user adoption by providing a balanced feature set that caters to a variety of learning demands.

2. Plugin Development

The most extensively utilized platform that enables today's on-the-go learning environment is the learning management system (LMS). JAW is developing the finest LMS for delivering training programs using in-depth subject understanding and technological know-how. We provide the best LMS plugins that allow you limitless options for creating educational content and courses and presenting them online in the most efficient manner. You may attract learners from all around the world with the LMS Plugin's capability. Our staff is skilled in developing a wide selection of plugins that have aided all of our clients in improving their functionality. We create bespoke plugins that adhere to the strictest code guidelines. As a result, extending, maintaining, and debugging the source code is a breeze.

3. Gamification

We determine that gamification such as points, badges, leaderboards, social learning, and other forms of gamification can significantly enhance the learning experience for eLearners as a supplement to traditional instructor-led teaching. Hence, we bring game dynamics to your learning process.

4. Sign Sign-On

The training procedures become more agile with the LMS SSO feature that we offer, as it allows you to focus on the most critical tasks while maintaining security at every login and credential authentication. This feature allows you to log into the LMS using credentials you already have on other sites, such as social networking platforms like Facebook or Google, or company-owned servers.

5. 3rd Party Integrations

JustAddWater offers LMS integration, allowing your learning management system to work with the business apps you already have such as your current HR Platforms, Video meeting platforms It enables you to transmit data between systems, automate activities, and obtain integrated reporting.

6. Custom & Ad hoc Reports

We utilize a reporting strategy that is tailored to your company's objectives. In only a few clicks, you may get the exact data that you require. Filter and sort data, as well as pick, required columns, exactly like you would in Excel. Regularly, create and save the custom reports you require. Any report may be created, edited, and saved using a custom-built interface.

7. Customization & Theme Development

Our customization service allows businesses to supervise their training programs, enabling their LMS to be built and tailored for a variety of organizations such as education, corporate, professional training service firms, and so on. We design a theme for your learning platform that not only reflects your school's identity but also delivers a user-friendly interface.

Scope of learning management system Customization

8. Migration between LMSs

With a reliable and safe migration tool, migrate to the target LMS. In the capable hands of our specialists, your information is secure. Our service will ensure that all of the records are migrated quickly and correctly. As a consequence, your studying processes will be minimally influenced. You can migrate all of your current courses and activities, as well as all of the data and attachments associated with them, using our LMS conversion service.

Support Services at JustAddWater

1. Staff Training

Your LMS is only as good as its support tools. Without them, no matter how much money you put into content production and upkeep, it's just sophisticated software that no one can utilize. You can be surprised by the unforeseen advantages your LMS offers. Hence, We offer ongoing LMS support to your employees so that they have all the resources and help they need to make the most of LMS.

2. Content Creation

We have a team of experts who craft quality content stitched with engaging and comprehensive elements, to provide the best quality resource to learners. This end-to-end learning material helps e-learners to learn at their own pace. Our unique content is tailored to your company’s need, or upgrade your existing resources. We design customized courses, quizzes, polls/surveys, assessments, and much more, that can be leveraged by your company’s instructors. We’ll assist you in mapping out courses that will be most beneficial to your learner.

3. Maintenance And Updates

We assist you with LMS maintenance, which includes updating, improving, or fixing small issues with your LMS. The maintenance is done in a "shotgun" fashion, which means that everyone using the same LMS as you (i.e. the core, not modified or branded) gets the same service. At the same time, we provide an In LMS update, in which we upgrade to a new version of the same platform. This is frequently obvious since the new version starts with the same number as the old one.


It is an open-source learning management system that aims to give learners the greatest possible experience while maintaining unrivaled data security. Our LMS users can choose to put their account in the cloud or on a server, making it a cloud-based or on-premise learning management system. Our service is used by most educational institutions and many corporations' training personnel. It provides a robust, adaptable tool for improved learning. It also has cross-browser compatibility and a mobile-friendly default UI. As a result, the solution is uniform and simple to use across all common devices and browsers. We'd be delighted to assist you in developing a more effective learning strategy. lease contact us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For employee skill development. Every touchpoint is tracked when an employee utilizes the learning management system. Managers may use the dashboard to collect data, detect skill gaps, and create personalized learning routes. An LMS also aids in the management of job roles and skills, as well as employee profiles.

We apply game design features in LMS gamification that helps introduce game features, such as leaderboards, incentives, and badges, to make the process interactive and keep the user engaged.

SSO (single sign-on) is a system where several applications are merged to let users login windows to a single screen. To access all of their SaaS services, a user just has to input their login credentials (username, password, etc.) once on a single page using SSO.

Learning through observation of other people's behavior is known as social learning. It is a social transformation process in which individuals learn from one another in ways that benefit larger socio-ecological systems. The necessity of seeing, modeling and mimicking others' behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions is emphasized in social learning theory.

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