Custom software developement is still a good idea and not expensive at all.

Online sofware as a service (SaaS) or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) offer a very lucrative starting plan to make you come onboard but after initial setting up you mostly end up getting a higher plan or an upgraded version as the starting plan does not have all the features you need.

What is custom software developement?

Custom software development is process of creating software solution for a specific business model, industry or set of users. In this process current operations and workflows of an organization are closely studied and then converted into a usable software system.

Myths surrounding custom software development

It costs tons of money and only big companies can afford it.

Actually it's the opposite if you look into the long term scenario. Cost of custom software development is a one time thing and it's really less than the yearly cost of subscription based online SaaS solutions.

It takes a lot of time for development and deployment

This was the case in older times when developers needed to create everything from scratch. Nowadays various open source libraries and excellent frameworks are available which not only save development time but also bring security and best practices.

Remote agencies or freelance developers are not dependable

Thanks to marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer etc, nowadays it have become quite easy to check the credibility of a remote developer or offshore agencies by checking their work history. You can also ask developers for references from your own country. Apart from marketplaces, B2B review platforms like and Goodfirms can also be a great help to verify reviews.

Managing server infrastrcuture is complex and expensive

This again is a case of old times when on demand cloud computing platform like AWS, DigitalOcean and Azure does not existed and hosting a software on web requires lot of server admin tasks. Today complex server architecture can be setup in just matter of hours and operations like backups, recovery and monitoring comes as standard.

Why invest in custom development when there are so many cloud options available?

When SaaS designers create their product they try to target as many industries as possible in order to achieve a huge customer base and in this process they develop their product in a generalized way that everybody can use irrespective of their sector. As a result you need to fit your business model into this generalized framework by creating a lot of custom fields and workflows. Hence you spend a lot of time adapting to the new system instead of focusing on your business and organization's growth.

And when you start to get some traction, you realize you need a feature that is not available under your current plan or you have outgrown the number of users seats available. Now you need to upgrade to a more expensive plan to continue running your business operations, This may happen multiple times in a year and hence can negatively impact your operation costs.

Cost of custom software development?

Cost Comparison of 20 users per month on different CRM platforms (as of August 2021):

Plaform name Monthly cost Yearly cost
Zoho CRM (Professional) 700 USD 5,520 USD (One professional) 840 USD 7,200 USD
Pipedrive (Professional) 1,180 USD 11,976 USD
Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales Professional) 1,300 USD 15,600 USD
Although the cost of custom software development depends on your requirements and scale of features but in most cases it comes less than the yearly cost of above mentioned systems.

Benefits for Custom Software development

Tailored & targeted Solution

This is the most important factor to invest in custom software development as the end product will be designed specifically to meet the requirements of your oraganization and your people. All forms, workflows and integrations will be as per your business operations and you can start from day 1 without needing to adapt to new system.

Compliances and regulations

This again is a very important factor where custom software development can help your business meeting various data protection compliances.
System can be carefully designed to make sure you meet compliances like EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) etc.

No monthly subscription cost

Unlike paid SaaS, product developed using custom software development doesn't comes with a recurring subscription costs. No per seat cost, no customers or orders limit.
This results in a cost effective solution in the long run.

Flexibility & scalability

Product will be built as per your current and future requirements. Can quickly adapt to rapidly changing internet technologies, customer requirements or government regulations. The best example here is adapting to always changing tax rates and compliances.

Integration with current systems

New developed Custom Software System will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems like Active Directory, Marketing tool etc. You need not to create accounts for all your current users again and new system can integrate with your Google or Microsoft account and provide a Single Sign On (SSO) feature.

As per local tax systems and ad hoc reports

Solution will be developed according to your country or state tax regulations and will integrate your billing workflow. Custom reports can be generated that may be required to be submitted to tax authorities from time to time.

Clean and straightforward UI (User Interface)

As solution is designed as per your specific requirements, it will not have hundreds of useless features. Can also be designed to match your daily operations paper forms. Your team members will train quickly and focus on things that matters.
It increases productivity and save on training time and cost.

Localization for end-customers

Localization can play a very important role if you are planning to have a portal where customers can login and perform different functions like managing payment, online signature, appointment scheduling etc.

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