How Do You Choose The Right Learning Management System?

Introduction to LMS

A Learning Management System(LMS) is software for developing, managing, and distributing e-learning content. Organizations use LMSs and associated software to manage their online learning initiatives.

In the late 1990s, learning management systems debuted in higher education. These early LMSs, like Moodle and Blackboard, served as organizational aids for instructor-led online courses. The program was rather simple. It is mostly composed of set class modules and features for uploading assignments. The majority of classes used printed course materials and taped classroom lectures.

Useful Facts and Figures about LMS Industry

According to the 2020 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 57% of L&D Departments want to increase their time and financial commitment to online learning over the coming year.
According to the 2019 Training Industry Report from Training Magazine, 44% of firms planned to invest in online tools and systems to support learning.
The share of L&D departments using Learning Management Systems (LMS) in North America in 2020 was 70%.
79% of all LMS users now aren't in the education sector, and corporate LMSs represent a $2.5 billion market.
A startling 94% of employees stated they would stay at a firm longer if that employer invested in their career, according to LinkedIn's 2018 Workplace Learning Report.
The size of the global e-learning market in 2019 and 2026 by segment (in billion U.S. dollars) is shown below.

Utilization of LMSs

The full life cycle of the learning process inside a firm is managed by learning managers using LMSs. For any business that aspires to operate an extensive online learning program, they are a necessary tool.

LMSs are used by businesses to provide online courses for staff training and education. While some LMSs let you develop directly on their platform, others demand that you use a separate authoring tool.

Learning management teams utilize their LMSs to organize, store, and deliver courses to staff members as needed. Utilizing the LMS interface, staff members take courses and provide comments. A strong LMS enables administrators to keep track of employee development, see data, and reassess the effectiveness of their learning initiatives.

LMSs are also utilized by learning managers to oversee corporate training initiatives.

Why your business requires an LMS

  • The most effective approach to managing an online learning program is through an LMS.
  • Learning managers may create comprehensive courses rapidly using an LMS.
  • Courses are simple to take and have a more significant impact using an LMS.
  • Improved ROI on learning programs and more efficient use of resources.
  • Helps the organization keep vital internal information.

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Advantages of a learning management system

Better-informed employees are only one benefit of adopting an LMS to design more efficient online learning programs. Wide-ranging benefits result from this.

  • An improvement in employee satisfaction
  • Increased retention of employees
  • More thorough onboarding
  • Increased retention of knowledge
  • Lower L&D expenses
  • Improved team building
  • Better returns on training programs

The Best Learning Management Systems Have These Features

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Stressing feedback
  • Cloud-based Built-in Course Authoring
  • Peer-to-peer learning skills

Features of an LMS

Every LMS platform provides a different range of extra features. Some of the more prevalent and significant LMS traits to watch out for are listed below:

  • Analytics/reporting
  • Adaptive Mobility
  • Gamification
  • Customer service
  • Integrated third-parties
  • Different content types
  • AI/personalization
  • Conformance with SCORM/Tin Can
  • Multiple-author capability
  • Quick Feedback features

Development Services at JustAddWater

1. Consulting and Implementation

Since 2013, JustAddWater has been assisting consumers in achieving these LMS goals. We provide LMS consulting to help you streamline your LMS deployment and improve your ROI and user adoption by providing a balanced feature set that caters to various learning demands.

2. Plugin Development

JustAddWater provides the best LMS plugins that allow limitless options for creating educational content and courses and efficiently presenting them online.

3. Gamification

We determine that gamification such as points, badges, leaderboards, social learning, and other forms of gamification can significantly enhance the learning experience for eLearners as a supplement to traditional instructor-led teaching.

4. Sign Sign-On

The training procedures become more agile with our LMS SSO feature, allowing you to focus on the most critical tasks while maintaining security at every login and credential authentication.

5. Third-Party Integrations

JustAddWater offers LMS integration, allowing your learning management system to work with the business apps you already have, such as your current HR Platforms, Video meeting platforms.

6. Custom & Ad hoc Reports

We utilize a reporting strategy that is tailored to your company's objectives. You may get the exact data you require in only a few clicks. Filter and sort data, as well as pick required columns, exactly like you would in Excel.

7. Customization & Theme Development

Our customization service allows businesses to supervise their training programs, enabling their LMS to be built and tailored for various organizations such as education, corporate, professional training service firms, etc.

8. Migration between LMSs

With a reliable and safe migration tool, migrate to the target LMS. In the capable hands of our specialists, your information is secure. Our service will ensure that all records are migrated quickly and correctly.

Support Services at JustAddWater

1. Staff Training

We offer ongoing LMS support to your employees, so they have all the resources and help they need to make the most of LMS.

2. Content Creation

We have a team of experts who craft quality content stitched with engaging and comprehensive elements to provide the best quality resource to learners.

3. Maintenance And Updates

We assist you with LMS maintenance, which includes updating, improving, or fixing small issues with your LMS.


Your hidden weapon against stagnation is a platform for collaborative learning. It brings back to the online world the advantages of face-to-face learning, community, connection, and collaboration. The learning process is genuinely democratized via collaborative learning platforms. Given the fast changes in technology and the in-demand skill sets, businesses are finding it difficult to keep their training programs current. As a result, more companies are eschewing outdated LMSs in favor of integrated learning systems that promote more interactive learning.

Collaborative learning has several advantages. You may design more topical and relevant courses by crowdsourcing training requirements. Learners gain from enhanced involvement and accountability since they are forced to be both students and instructors. Because all the work is completed internally by employees from various departments, courses are delivered more quickly. Additionally, because courses are continually updated based on input from students, they remain current and applicable for a considerably longer period.

You may teach staff with the use of a learning management system. You may develop a more extensive learning culture inside your organization with a collaborative learning platform.

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