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Webflow is no superhero and won't solve all your problems.

Here by stating 'Wordpress' I am always refering to open source version available at

Before landing here, you must have gone through many articles like:

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And then they must have talked about all factors like Cost, SEO, Plugins, Speed, Security and tons of other things to put more content on their page for their own SEO.

And also at this point you may have got little convinced about how great Webflow is, as the majority of the authors are quite inclined towards Webflow and some of them have even migrated to Webflow from Wordpress and never want to go back again! 

So the question rises, Why are they all so impressed with Webflow? It is really that good?
The answer is simple: they are all great content creators, some write for their own tech blog, some write for tech magazines and the rest write for marketing and web development companies.
Webflow is great for writers and It lets writers and designers to quickly create nice mobile responsive pages without being dependent on developers. They feel empowered and who don't want power and control?.

Also one important thing to note here, Webflow is aggressively rooting against Wordpress. If you go to Webflow blog and search for 'Wordpress', you will find articles where Webflow is justifying their expensive plans and stating shortcomings of Wordpress. So it may also happen that they are producing favourable content from 3rd parties too. 

superhero (female)

I am not a writer (I use Gmail to fix my grammar), I am a full stack developer who loves CSS and I am not much impressed with Webflow.
It lets you do amazing things without developers but all that amazing thing of yours can be done only to a basic level. At times when you need to take things to the next level then comes the problem. By next level here I mean integrating with various 3rd party tools, having a more enhanced registration or checkout workflow or simply handling more online traffic.

Platforms like Webflow not only become rigid at that times but also try to cash on your growing needs. I know Webflow has integrations with Zapier but that brings its own cost. One of my clients was thrilled to know that there is no monthly cost involved to integrate with their Google sheets as earlier they were paying per Zaps and Tasks only to achieve too little.

With Wordpress you can do all the basic things on your own and when you need complex things done you can always onboard a developer who can jump right into code and perform complex integrations and tasks for you. 

Now you may be thinking that I am rooting for Wordpress as I am a developer and low-code /no-code platforms like Webflow are taking my job. WordPress itself has no shortage of no-code platforms. One of the more notable names out there, Elementor is a WordPress website creator used by millions of web creators to create comprehensive WP sites, completely code free.
Trust me being a full stack developer I hate Wordpress more than anything, Wordpress is like my old nemesis and I barely have anything built on Wordpress in my portfolio.
In the past I have lost too many projects just because I refused my clients to build upon Wordpress but I respect it for what it is and what awesome things people are doing with it.

So the bottom line: if your primary purpose is to create content in the form of articles, marketing material or set up a basic ecommerce store, go for Webflow. You will be able to create great quality pages after a little learning curve.
But if you are a small business or individual who needs a lot of complex things done on their website then amid its all shortcoming and bad publicity Wordpress is still your dark horse.

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