Case Study



Sharktech offers flexible pricing plans to their customer that they design after carefully understanding their customers's requirements.
We developed a custom CRM that adapts their flexible billing workflow and allow them to create plans on the fly and offers them to clients quickly and efficiently.

Project Name

Sharktech CRM


Design, Web Development


Custom CRM Application


There were two parts of the problem, firstly complex billing workflow and secondly poor contract signing rate of customers. Agencies offer a wide variety of services and among that services there can be several plans each designed to meet specific customer requirements. They needed an efficient and quick way to create plans for customers and make the contract signing process easy and straightforward so they can achieve better conversions.


We started with creating plans modules within the CRM that allows team members to create plans on the fly. This plans module of CRM integrates seamlessly with Stripe's plans API so they don't need to worry about creating plans at their Stripe dashboard. Once plans are ready they can be made part of the contracts and sent to customers' email addresses. With one click, customers can land on the contract signing page and finish up the formalities.

Key Functionalities

1. Seamless integrations with Stripe APIs

Whether its plans synchronization, one-time payment or recurring payments for subscriptions. All transactions take place right within the CRM and integrate seamlessly with Stripe REST API.

Apart from APIs we have also used Webhooks notifications to make automated workflows.

2. Online Contract Signing

System allows team members to create and send contracts to customer email addresses, from where a customer with one click can land on the contract signing page and securely completes the signing process.

This feature allowed agency to achieve better signing rate and gain more trust from their customers.

3. Tracking and Reporting

From conversion to recurring sales stats, visitors to customers activity etc, each dataset is carefully stored in secure servers, analyzed and represent beautifully in form various charts and tables.
Google Visualization API is used to deliver responsive and detailed graphics.

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