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What is a CRM System ?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and this system allows a company or business to meaningfully organize customer/client information.
In addition, it helps to know all the different points of contact with which the client interacts in the company.

Why do you need a custom CRM?

In today's world it is very important to understand customer habits and utilize customer data in a meaningful way.
You understand your customers best and if your CRM is carefully developed as per your specific requirements and business strategies, it will definately yield better result for your business.

Benefits for Custom CRM development

No monthly subscription cost

Unlike paid CRMs, custom CRM development doesn't have recurring costs involved that results in a cost effective solution in the long run.

Clean and straightforward UI (User Interface)

As solution is designed as per your specific requirements, it will not have hundreds of useless features. Your team members will train quickly and focus on things that matter.

Flexibility at its peak

Complete CRM will be built as per your current and future requirements. Custom CRM can quickly adapt to changes in the nature of business and operations.The Best example here is adapting to always changing tax rates.

Integration with current systems

New developed Custom CRM System will integrate with your existing systems like Active Directory, Marketing tool etc. Custom CRM will smoothly become part of your business operations.

Respecting the local tax system and language

Custom CRM will be developed according to your country or state tax regulations and will integrate your billing workflow.

Get localization as needed

CRM localization can play a very important role if you are planning to have customer portal where they can login and perform somes activities like online signature, appointment scheduling etc.

Cost of custom CRM development?

Cost Comparison of 20 users per month on different CRM platforms (as of August 2021):

Plaform name Monthly cost Yearly cost
Zoho CRM (Professional) 700 USD 5,520 USD (One professional) 840 USD 7,200 USD
Pipedrive (Professional) 1,180 USD 11,976 USD
Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales Professional) 1,300 USD 15,600 USD
Although the cost of CRM development depends on your requirements and scale of features but in most cases it comes less than the yearly cost of above mentioned systems.

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CRM Development Services

Custom CRM Development

Our developers can create a fully customized CRM as per your business needs. You can have all features like Communications History and Touchpoints, Adhoc Reporting, Loyalty Programs, Payments etc

CRM Setup and Training

We have huge experience with both paid and open source CRMs available in the market. We can setup and customize available CRM like Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive, vTiger etc and train your employees to get started from day one.

Process payments

Our developers can integrate your billing workflow into the custom CRM so you can process and track transactions from within the system. We can integrate with all popular payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, 2Checkout, Quickbooks, Authorize.Net etc.

Email, SMS and Call Integrations

Custom CRM can take advantage of services like Twilio and AWS to bring all communication modes to one place. You can track all interactions with customers whether it's done on email, phone or messages. Can use our experience to quickly meet your requirements and achieve desired results

3rd Party Integrations

Our developers can integrate your custom CRM with popular systems like Gdrive, Paypal, Stripe, Calendly etc. We have huge experience in integrating with marketing softwares like ActiveCampaign, Outgrow, Mailchimp, Hubspot CRM and lot more. We can integrate with them and create automated workflows for your marketing needs and it may save lot of money your are spending on Zapier.

CRM Migration Services

If you're planning to migrate away from any CRM or looking to migrate in from other platforms like Zoho, SalesForce, SugarCRM, OrangeCRM, Quickbooks etc, our developers can help you with smooth transition.

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